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Glasgow Airport Guide

Glasgow Airport airport criticised over new disabled drop off rules


New rules for passengers being dropped off or picked up at Glasgow Airport by car will also hit disabled travellers, it has been revealed. Althought they will not be forced to use airport car parks 1 and 3, where other passengers are being sent, but they will be banned from using the lane nearest the airport.

The new rules, to be introduced tomorrow, mean that cars and most taxis are banned from dropping off and picking up passengers from outside the airport. Instead they will be forced to use two airport car parks - and pay £1 for 10 minutes or £2 for 30 minutes.

Disabled passengers will also to be hit by the changes, which airport bosses insist are needed to cut congestion and pollution. Instead of being able to drop passengers near the terminal doors, disabled badge holders and travelling companions will have access to the outer lane of the access road for dropping off and picking up.

Under the new rules, those travelling with disabled companions will have to negotiate crossing the inner lane while pushing a wheelchair and carrying suitcases. However, an airport spokesman said disabled passengers will not have to walk as far as able-bodied passengers.

He said: 'Disabled passengers can park and drop off in the outer lane. They will also be able to be picked up from the outer lane. There will also be help points in place and various organisers in the terminal building providing assistance for disabled passengers.'

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