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Football manager in Glasgow airport flight emergency


Celtic manager Gordon Strachan was involved in a midair drama yesterday, after a plane he was travelling on was forced to make an emergency landing. Strachan and his wife were on a BA Boeing 737 which was forced to land after an engine alarm activated.

The Gatwick to Glasgow airport flight made an emergency landing in Manchester, where it was met by five fire engines. Strachan and his wife were among 13 passengers who decided not to get back on board after the flight was cleared for take-off again. The couple retrieved their baggage from airport officials before hiring a car to travel north.

Strachan said: 'My wife is not a confident flyer at the best of times and there was no way she was getting back on that plane. The words that spooked us were when the stewardess told us they wanted to carry out more stringent tests at Manchester. If there was a problem then why did they not do everything that was necessary at Gatwick?'

A BA spokesman said: 'The captain noticed a warning light which suggested a potential problem with an engine deicer valve. He acted immediately as per standard procedure. Obviously we apologise for the disruption this caused to passengers but their safety was our uppermost concern.'

The departure of the flight - which was carrying 138 people - from Gatwick had already been delayed by an hour due to technical difficulties. The plane finally landed at Glasgow four hours late.

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