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Expert; airports not taking threat of terrorism seriously enough


A terrorism expert has warned that UK airports are still vulnerable to attack, one year on from the attack on Glasgow Airport. Security consultant Chris Yates said that in his opinion, the UK was not taking the threat of ‘aviation terrorism seriously enough’.

He said that many of the changes put in place at Glasgow had been copied at other airports around the world. But he said that although some ‘weak points’ in airport security had been addressed, others remained.

Since the attack on June 30 last year cars can no longer drop off passengers outside airport terminal buildings, which have been fitted with bomb-proof glass. More stringent security has also been introduced for passengers inside airports.

But Mr Yates warned that as the first anniversary of the attack approached, it was ‘entirely possible’ that there could be another attack. He said: ‘Terrorist groups look for the weakest links in the chain - always. Quite evidently the strike at Glasgow Airport was a significant weak point for airports and there are very many others. We have a long way to go before airports here in the UK are secure enough to prevent the prospect of another terrorist attack.’

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